MA’RUF Youth Center

The MA’RUF Youth Center is an 8,000 square foot stand alone development center located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Milwaukee’s northwest side. Our Center is equipped with classrooms, a science lab, tech lab, library, counseling center, gaming zone and gym. The facility is adjacent to a park and within two blocks from the Milwaukee School of Excellence.

The MA’RUF Youth Center provides a safe, innovative environment leveraging emerging technology such as virtual reality to provide fun, experiential learning opportunities for area youth.


The MA’RUF Youth Center has been offering a wide range of programs which have been modified over the years to better serve the needs of the community.

Our approach has been to cater to all aspects of development: mental (whether intellectual or emotional), physical and also spiritual (keeping the Center a peaceful and tranquil environment that fosters curiousity).


Our most popular program where many students come after school for help on their homework.


Training kids that aspire to compete in state-wide competitions while also focusing on self-defense and discipline.


Teaching kids basic computer science concepts that foster critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.


Our volunteers alongside our staff of four serve as role models for the youth at the Center, constantly engaging them in activities and conversations.

Our Approach

Each member has a profile that is tracked to gauge progress.

We believe that knowledge is power—but for our youth, knowledge that can be seen and touched is even more powerful. MA’RUF is seeking to transform the way we deliver knowledge to youth by creating tangible, practical pathways to reach their dreams. Our three-prong strategy was designed to build cohorts of youth role models:

1.Vision: Physically show career pathways. Establish life milestones including career goals. Craft a stepped action plan.

2.Experience: Provide experiential learning opportunities including job shadowing.

3.Coaching: Pair youth with young professional in desired field to serve as mentor and coach through action plan

Become a Member of the Youth Center

Becoming a Member of the Youth Center gives us the ability to track academic progress as well give the student access to the programs we offer. 


The Youth Center is also available for rentals over the weekends when it is not being used.

Whether it is weddings, birthdays or any other event that is approved by the MA’RUF leadership, we offer individual rooms as well as the whole center as needed for rentals. Please fill out the form to reserve our room(s).

Location and Hours

MA’RUF Youth Center is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Milwaukee.

2110 W Hampton Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53209

3–7 PM
3–7 PM
3–7 PM
3–7 PM
3–7 PM

Please refer to Google Maps page for latest hours on religious and national holidays.